Podcast | COVID-19 Programme Adaptation Series, Ep 1: Innovative Approaches to Awareness Raising

The Alliance

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Child Protection actors needed to think outside the box on how to
continue disseminating information and raising awareness amongst communities. This was even more crucial as
knowledge is key to protecting yourself during a crisis. Child Protection actors globally sprang into action and
came up with innovative ways to reach out to their communities when in-person gatherings were not feasible.

This epsiode will feature country-level awareness raising programs shared by Hurras Network and Plan
International, including:

  • Mass awareness raising campaign utilizing pre-recorded audio messages co-developed with community child protection mechanisms
  • Raising awareness on sensitive topics - child marriage and child labor - during COVID-19

To watch the corresponding webinar from this podcast, click here. Captions are available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish! 

This podcast was recorded on 27 May 2021. 


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