Podcast | Protected! Podcast Ep 11: Are Governments Doing Enough for Child Protection Workers?

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Subtitle: Caring for Young Children during COVID-19 (Part 2).

This episode of Protected! is the second in a 2-Part series with Joan Lombardi - to listen to Part 1, click here. 

Many governments around the world are debating or have initiated the second round of restrictions to combat the coronavirus. Back in May 2020 we spoke to early childhood expert Joan Lombardi, director of Early Opportunities. She told the Protected! host, Hani Mansourian, what she thought governments should be doing to support child protection professionals during the COVID-19 crisis. Five months on, do child protection professionals have what they need to support and protect children as the coronavirus makes a comeback?

To take a look at the Alliance’s guidance on social protection policies and how these policies can be used to protect and support children, click here. 

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This podcast was recorded on the 22 of May 2020.

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