Podcast | Protected! Podcast Ep 2: Transitioning to a Remote Adolescent Programme in Lebanon

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Have you ever wondered what happens when child protection actors have zero face-to-face access to the children and families they support?

Plan International Lebanon faced that exact problem in March 2020, when the government imposed a curfew and state of emergency across the country. Elissa Alhassrouny, a child protection specialist with Plan International Lebanon, tells Hani Mansourian how their team moved to remote child protection programming and the steps involved in that process.

If you are interested in programs helping vulnerable adolescents, check out some of the resources and guidance notes that Elissa Alhassrouny has shared:…view?usp=sharing

For more details on the Needs Assessment carried out in Lebanon that Elissa mentioned, have a look at this:…ds-assessment

Plus the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action website has links to a wealth of resources on child protection and…id-19-pandemic

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This conversation was recorded on 6 May 2020.
Child Protection system strengthening
Protection of children during the COVID-19 pandemic
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