Podcast | Protected! Podcast: Ep 3: Protecting Refugee Children in East Africa

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Governments shut borders quickly in eastern Africa as the threat of an outbreak of COVID-19 loomed. That left child protection actors with reduced access to the refugee children they support and the children themselves are facing more risks. Elsa Laurin, the Senior Child Protection Officer for the East and Horn of Africa from UNHCR, tells Hani Mansourian how they and their partner organisations re-prioritised cases in response to the changing situation. Plus Elsa explains why developing and supporting community networks is so important and how to make these networks even stronger.

For more information on adapting case management to deal with health and movement restrictions have a look at some of the guidance on the Alliance’s website:…covid-19-context

For the rest of the resources related to child protection and COVID-19, please go here:…id-19-pandemic

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This conversation was recorded on 15 May 2020.
Children facing adversity
Protection of children during the COVID-19 pandemic
Refugee children
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