Podcast | Protected! Podcast Ep 9: Phoning for Help, the 10-9-8 Child Helpline in Nepal

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More children than ever called the CWIN child helpline 10-9-8 when lockdown measures begin in Nepal. The helpline team at the country’s oldest child rights organisation was on the streets supporting children daily, even as movement restrictions barred all but essential workers from operating. Sumnima Tuladhar, a founding member and executive director of CWIN, tells Hani Mansourian from the Alliance how the calls to the helpline changed when the COVID-19 pandemic reached Nepal. They discuss the processes drawn up to allow the helpline team to continue supporting children in dangerous situations. Plus Sumnima Tudladhar also talks about how the team kept themselves safe and the psycho-social support everybody in the organisation receives.

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And if you want to know more about how helplines can help your organisation support families remotely, take a look at our Guidance Note on Child Helplines and COVID-19

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This interview was recorded on 16 July 2020.
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