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In September 2021 the L&D Working Group released a comprehensive set of learning resources on adapting programming in the Context of COVID-19. All resources are available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic and include: 
  • Learning modules for face to face and remote delivery (Transitioning to remote case management, case management via phone, delivering training remotely, CAAFAG: program continuity during COVID-19, CAAFAG: officers manual, Supporting children, families communities during COVID-19, Preventing family separation during COVID-19, Child protection Mainstreaming in Health Facilities During COVID-.19)
  • Learning tools (Risks of School Closures - animated videos and handout, tipsheets on: Preventing Family Separation during COVID-19, How Do You Maintain Family Unity if a Child is Admitted to a Healthcare Facility? (for Health actors), Delivering training remotely, etc.)
  • Learning Serie: Using Digital Platforms for Remote Programming Safely
  • Webinars on adaptations during COVID-19

Hot of the Press!

We are thrilled to say that the CPHA Frontliner Getting Started Learning Package has been finalized and replaces the CPMS Working Group’s 2014 Frontline Workers package. 

The package has been designed to rapidly onboard new team members in the wake of a new emergency or crisis and aims to ensure that frontline workers are introduced to the minimum competencies to work in a safe, effective, accountable, and professional way with children, families, and communities. The learning package has been designed to be delivered in modules through both face-to-face and remote facilitation. While currently available only in English, translation in French, Spanish and Arabic is already underway and it will be completed before the end of December 2021. 

While a bit delayed the Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Competency Framework is now also available in French and Spanish