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Child Labour Case Study | Child-Centred Multi-Risk Assessments and Child Labour

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In disaster, conflict and other crisis situations children are often exposed to new risks or exacerbated threats, such as physical violence, family separation and child labour. While child protection actors place a strong focus on understanding and mitigating the numerous child protection risks, they often lack a solid assessment and analysis of hazards and vulnerabilities related to climate, disaster and conflict, that impact on a child’s protection situation.

The Child-Centred Multi-Risk Assessment Guide was developed in by Plan International as a tool to assess the multiple risks in a child’s environment. This new assessment framework integrates multiple perspectives of risk, particularly disaster, conflict and child protection risks. Child labour is often intimately connected with both disaster, conflict and protection risks. These assessment tools enable children and young people to identify child labour and other risks and solutions before, during and after emergencies, including during preparedness or situation monitoring.

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