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Position Paper | Defining Evidence-Based Practice for Application in Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

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There is widespread recognition among practitioners and researchers of the need to build a stronger evidence base for child protection work in humanitarian settings to be able to determine what approaches and practices are appropriate and effective in a variety of contexts. The objective of this position paper is to create a common understanding of what makes a particular child protection intervention or practice effective. In doing so, it presents the key principles of good practice in the generation of evidence in child protection that are distinct to humanitarian contexts and outlines critical actions at the programmatic level for maintaining that a child protection humanitarian practice is evidence-based.

As we mature in our experience in child protection in humanitarian action across contexts, with an increasing focus on evidence building, our understanding of the concepts presented in this position paper will evolve. As we learn from our monitoring and evaluation data, research, and learning, we may modify and update elements of this paper. Therefore, this position paper is a tentative statement that is subject to ongoing refinement and adjustment as we learn our way forward.

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