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Webinar | Adapting Child Protection Case Management to the COVID-19 Context

Start and finish time of webinar
14:00 CET
The Alliance

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Child Protection Case Management (CP CM) is part of the essential services that cannot be stopped suddenly and requires gradual adaptation to the new COVID-19 public health emergency (see CPMS Standard 18 on Case Management). With many schools and childcare facilities closed and many families confined to crowded living spaces, children are at heightened risks for abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  Other children may be separated from their families for multiple reasons associated with COVID-19.  As these risks are often hidden and out of sight within communities, it can be difficult to identify these cases without visits or other forms of follow-up by case workers.  Thus, continued support for the most vulnerable ongoing cases within the existing caseload must be ensured through adapted measures, along with appropriate responses for new child protection risks and concerns generated by the pandemic. 

This webinar will present guidance - including a number of front-line examples - on how to adapt Child Protection Case Management interventions to the new COVID-19 pandemic and better understand the important role of Child Protection actors in the emergency. Presenters will discuss guidance on priority actions to consider in order to continue supporting the most vulnerable cases and to respond to new cases generated by the outbreak. 

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