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Mini Guide #3 | Child Protection in Outbreaks: Collaborating with the health sector in infectious disease outbreaks

The Alliance

National and global efforts to prevent, respond to, and recover from outbreaks are typically led by the health sector, even when interventions are multi-sectoral in nature. This Mini-Guide demonstrates how and why child protection considerations can and should be integrated into outbreak management.

Wherever possible, the advice given here is aligned with the outbreak preparedness and response pillars described in the Operational Planning Guidelines1 of the World Health Organization (WHO), with the health standards described in The Sphere Handbook, and with Pillar 4: Working Across Sectors of the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) from the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action.

This Mini-Guide is intended for use by health and child protection practitioners during infectious disease outbreaks, preparedness, response and recovery. It can also be used by the social service workforce in settings impacted by infectious disease outbreaks.

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Infectious disease outbreaks