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Hot Off the Press from the CAAFAG Task Force - April 2022

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MHPSS in CAAFAG Programmes Resource Package: 

It is an inter-agency package of resources that aims to support the integration of MHPSS into programmes for the prevention, release, and reintegration of children associated with armed forces and armed groups. The resource package is the result of a collaboration between the MHPSS Collaborative, UNICEF and the CAAFAG task force. It is available here.

Operational Guidance on Handover Protocol: 

A joint endeavor of Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict and the CAAFAG Task Force, the operational guidance aims to support the signing and implementation of handover protocols. It provides child protection actors with good practices, lessons learned, and other useful information on previous and ongoing negotiations and implementation processes in various countries.

The operational guidance is available on the Alliance website as well as the recording of the launch event.  

CAAFAG Programme Development Toolkit: 

The CAAFAG Programme Development Toolkit was developed by the CAAFAG task force under the leadership of UNICEF and Plan International. It aims to provide field practitioners with the knowledge and skills to design quality gender-sensitive programmes for CAAFAG, with the involvement of children, including former CAAFAG.

The toolkit is now available in French, Spanish and Arabic on the Alliance website and the recording of the launch event is available in 4 languages as well.  

The CAAFAG Programme Development toolkit will be rolled out in 3 countries (to be confirmed) from April 2022.

Children associated with armed forces and armed groups