Cambodia: PSEAH Capacity Building to Local Partners in Cambodia

Johanniter International Assistance is committed to preventing and responding to PSEAH. Johanniter has a zero tolerance to SEAH and all forms of harm to children and adolescents. Johanniter is in the process of implementing a grant agreement with two partner organizations, namely Bandos Komar Association (BK) and Child Rights Foundation (CRF). With financial support from German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), these two partners (BK and CRF) are undertaking a project named CLIMATE - Strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity of children and communities for a safe and livable future”. The project includes a capacity development component, strengthening both partners organizationally and programmatically. Johanniter, therefore, seeking for a consultant to support the partners to achieve the minimum standards for PSEAH and create an organizational roadmap for this process. Johanniter follows the IASC minimum operating standards and is a member of the CHS alliance.

Johanniter is seeking an international consultant to support the above-mentioned partners in becoming safer organizations. Both organizations have completed the PSEA self-assessment tool by IASC.

A more detailed assessment including a risk assessment and mapping is required to support the partners with an action plan contextualized to their individual requirements and scope of work. After the completion of the assessment, the consultant is expected to conduct a training presenting the results to senior management and support in developing an action plan with concrete steps and milestones for three years.


  1. Provide an inception report, which includes the work methodology to be followed to ensure the achievement of the objectives.
  2. Draft report of road map for each of the two partners before training
  3. Design and facilitation of two day PSEAH training for partners (regarding how to implement the roadmaps)
  4. Final draft reports of road maps for partners to map their individual process toward PSEA minimum standard

Payment Schedule: Payment will be made as follows:

  • 1st payment: (30%) satisfactory submission of approved Inception report and proposed methodology under deliverable # 1.
  • 2nd payment: (30%) upon satisfactory submission of the draft report of road map for each of the two partners before training, under deliverable # 3.
  • 3rd payment: (40%) upon submission of deliverables under deliverable # 4

Time Schedule

The completion of this work is expected to take a maximum of twenty (20) days following the signing of the contract, during August 2022. The consultancy must be finalized by the end of August 2022 or can be negotiated.

Essential experience of consultant

  • At least 5 years’ relevant experience working in the development sector or related field such as research, NGO work, etc.
  • Relevant proven work experience in the sector of PSEAH, preferably according to IASC and CHS Alliance.
  • Experience in organizational capacity development with national NGOs
  • High quality communication skills, notably report writing.
  • Experience writing high quality reports, and incorporating written feedback and addressing comments from multiple stakeholders
  • Excellent written and oral English communication skills
  • Strong relationship management skills
  • Ability to manage the available time and resources and to work to tight deadlines

The criteria which shall serve as the basis for evaluating offers is the combined scoring method – where the qualifications or essential experience will be weighted a max. of 70%, and combined with the price offer which will be weighted a max of 30%.

How to apply

Interested applicants are to apply with the following documents:

  • CV
  • Cover letter detailing why they are suitable for the consultant
  • Daily rate (including tax) in USD which covers travel to Cambodia, accommodation and per diem costs
  • A copy of a similar report/ process which the consultant has undertaken (submitted as a sample).

Please note the deadline for applications is 5pm on 10th July 2022. Please note that Johanniter will cover the costs and logistics associated with the two-day training, to be held at a location in Phnom Penh.

Interested applicants should submit the application to and email to the above email address to request further information regarding the above terms of reference.