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CAAFAG and COVID-19 [English]

The Alliance

This webinar will focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on programs related to children associated with armed forces and armed groups. Building from Key Messages and Considerations for Programming for CAAFAG During COVID-19, this webinar will bring together CP practitioners from Nigeria, South Sudan, and the Philippines to discuss challenges, good practices, and lessons learned.

Children who spend any time with an armed force or group face serious risks of physical, psychological and sexual violence, and death. Prevention of recruitment; separating children from armed forces and groups; responding to their needs; and supporting the reintegration process are all lifesaving interventions. Child protection agencies face several issues when engaging in prevention and response programming for CAAFAG in the context of COVID-19. These includes challenges in continuity of services that supports both prevention and reintegration, continued engagement with community-level groups, and adequate resourcing. 

This webinar is an opportunity to hear from field-based colleagues about how COVID-19 has affected CAAFAG programming in their context, how they are responding, and their priorities going forward.

We look forward to your participation. 

Children associated with armed forces and armed groups