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Webinar | Social Service Workforce Safety and Wellbeing during COVID-19 Response

The Alliance
The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

This event takes place virtually and presents a unique opportunity for social service practitioners, experts and policy makers from around the world to come together to discuss the biggest issues facing the social service workforce today, including the impact of the pandemic on the social service workforce as well as on the role of the social service workforce in social justice.

The event will be highly interactive consisting of three 45-minute breakout sessions for attendees to discuss experiences and insights around three key themes:

the adaptations made in social services and social work practices during the pandemic that should remain, the risks and challenges that have emerged from this new way of working, and the role of the social service workforce in advancing social justice.

Please come prepared to engage and discuss the above topics with colleagues from around the globe. We look forwards to your participation! 

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