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Mini Guide #2 | Child Protection in Outbreaks: Advocating for the centrality of children and their protection in infectious disease outbreaks

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This Mini-Guide is designed primarily for child protection practitioners and managers in settings impacted on by infectious disease outbreaks. It can also be used by coordinators of inter-agency groups or technical task forces, members of the social service workforce, and actors in health, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) and other sectors engaging with children as part of outbreak management. In addition, personnel working in roles related to advocacy, communications and fundraising would find this Mini-Guide useful.

As the Mini-Guide explains, children are especially vulnerable during outbreaks. This is due not only to their individual biological and behavioural characteristics and level of agency and autonomy, but also to the potential consequences of public health measures. To help you to better advocate for the centrality of children and their protection during infectious disease outbreaks, this Mini-Guide provides you with:

  • Information on the protection of children during outbreaks 
  • Example of key messages and recommendations for use with decision-makters, donors and the general public 
  • Guidance on who should avocdate with children and how 

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Centrality of Children
Infectious disease outbreaks