«Hannah’s New Job» — Becoming a Child Protection Practitioner in Humanitarian Settings

Please meet Hannah! Today, she is starting to work as a Child Protection Officer. Hannah is very committed to child protection, but she also has a lot to learn like any newcomer to a professional field. This video accompanies Hannah during her first days and weeks at work. We see Hannah stretching herself to address multiple issues, such as child labour, psychosocial and family support, or community mobilisation. Hannah learns how to use the Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS).

They offer a wealth of good practice and practical guidance and indicators to measure a team’s progress. Over time, the CPMS handbook becomes a valued tool that helps Hannah fulfil her job and make a difference in protecting children from harm and promoting their well-being. Hannah also learns to work collaboratively with colleagues from other humanitarian sectors, such as livelihoods, education, health or food security. A few months into the job, Hannah is confident that the Child Protection common principles laid out in the CPMS handbook are helping her prioritise the children’s best interests and build the community’s resilience. Hannah’s first day at work may be in the past, but she is still happy as she grows in her new job.

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Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS)