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COVID-19 Synthesis: Evidence Briefs

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COVID-19 Synthesis: Evidence Briefs

Date of publication: 
11 Jun 2020


The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
Publication type: 
Briefs, Fact Sheets and Brochures


This synthesis is a bi-weekly digest of COVID-19 related resources (guidance, news, and academic articles). The purpose of this series is to identify emerging child protection risks, responses, and apparent resource gaps based on the information gathered. Each bi-weekly synthesis analyses a different topic related to child protection during COVID-19. [Read more]

Topic 1: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (1-22 May 2020)

The purpose of this evidence synthesis is to take stock of the emergent SGBV issues as they arise in news media and from academic sources and produce a short digest that can identify emerging child protection risks and gaps related to the evidence gathered in order to supplement practitioner analyses and responses. [Read more]

Topic 2: Child Labour (1-12 June 2020)

The purpose of this evidence synthesis is to examine what is known about child labour in light of COVID-19. It was carried out by identifying 2 webinars and 20 news articles published between April 22 and June 12, 2020, in either English or French, as well as 24 reports and guidance notes that provided evidence of emerging COVID-19 related child protection risks, or anticipated risks, on different aspects of child labour. The rest of this synthesis is organized in the following way: child labour risks are illustrated by using examples from select articles and research studies; key gaps in the data are gathered, discussed and summarized; and protective factors and reported practices are identified. [Read more]



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Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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