Dirigé par: Plan International and UNICEF


Notre mission

To encourage the growth and professionalisation of the sector, leading with strategic insights on defining priorities for capacity strengthening, partnerships with tertiary-level institutions, and the provision of holistic, equitable, and accessible approaches to sharing capacity, skills, and knowledge within the sector.

Objectifs 2021-2023 du groupe de travail Apprentissage et Développement

Learning and Development is approached in a strategic, competency-based and structured way to ensure quality and relevance for CPHA practitioners;

CPHA actors benefit from increased access to learning and development opportunities at global, regional and national levels;

CPHA practitioners have increased opportunities to share learning through convened events and communities; Increased cooperation with tertiary level institutions and improved access to tertiary level education for CPHA practitioners;

Other Working Groups and Task Forces of the Alliance are supported in the development and roll-out of quality capacity strengthening activities.